Following sONgLineS DowSerS Issue 1 Podcast: Shadow work, we are hosting the Workshop: Karelian Folk Healing by Eero Peltonen.

Workshop: Shadow WorkDate: Saturday, 27th. 2021Time: 18:00 to 20:00 (CET) Format: Online Course via Zoom

The workshop is dedicated to those curious about the wisdom and practice of Karelian folk healing. Karelia is a region in Finland and Russia that carries a lot of traditional wisdom and cultural heritage. In traditional Karelian healing people believe that disease or hardship is transmitted to the human body for example from the forest, the water, or an envious person. A healer is needed when discomfort enters someone’s body, creates suffering, and takes the person out of balance. During the workshop, a basic exercise about the Karelian healing tradition will be introduced.

The main elements of the healing ritual/exercise are:
1. Tracking the original situation that created pain.
2. Facing the natural element, person, or object that caused this misfortune.
3. Removing the unwanted guest from the body.
4. Restoring balance.

The participants don’t need any knowledge of healing or traditions to participate in the workshop. The workshop will be held in English. Eero Peltonen ( ) is an expert in Jungian-based psychology and healing traditions of Karelia and Finland. Eero is also a professional singer of ancient mythic songs behind the Kalevala. He has a wide knowledge of Baltic-Finnic and Karelian folklore, archaeology, and healing traditions.

To listen to the Podcast please follow this link:

The workshop is under donation ( 5 – 30€ ). Max. 10 participants. Free spots are available for people in a vulnerable financial situation. Payment will be done as a PayPal transfer, send payment to
For other payment options please send an email to