Christine Linnea Borch. & Léa Molinier “First day of winter”. Film. 2022

Under the new moon energy in Pisces, we are very happy to announce that Invisibledrum is starting a partnership with RÅ RO and Kirsten Kjaers Museum in Thy, Denmark. Water, Plant Medicine & Mycology in Nordic Arts discusses contemporary and interdisciplinary artistic approaches to how our bodies illuminate problematics on reasoning in terms of “natural” or “cultural.” In bringing our focus on water and memory we propose to recover the memory of the land through human conscious relationship to the elements of water and its biodiversity and ecosystems. We are bringing together sauna masters, firekeepers, artists working with water, ritual, and plant medicine to discuss how to retrace embodied “hydrocommons”. The upstart project will happen over 4 days in March for the World Water Day and spring equinox, from 18-22 March 2022 in Denmark at the Kirsten Kjærs Museum. We will create a series of water gatherings, exhibitions, workshops, and performances with partners of the project during 2022 & 2023.

The main aim of the project is to develop new rural contexts where the role of art can be explored and questioned about the interbeing of bodies of water on this planet. From ecofeminism, new ecologies, quantic/gentle activism, and neo animistic perspectives we would like to explore how art can bridge the distinctions between culture and nature.

Participants: Tribute Earth, Lise Hovesen, Christine Linnea, Jane Folsted, Dieko Offord, Nazaré Soares, Marita Isobel Solberg, Sylvia Johannsen, Viola La Spina, Eva Bakkeslett, Sophie Louise Pedersen, János Gábor, Milena Zuluaga, Cris Marcondes, Inês Samba, Tal Eshed, Leonel Vasquez, Gershan Lombard

Water, Plant Medicine & Mycology in Nordic Arts is Supported by Nordic Culture Fund & Dáiddafoanda-ad hoc.

Final Program:

Raaro_rawpeace. Lise Hovesen. New Frontiers: Shepherding meets science in the field. Kirsten Kjaers Museum in Thy, Denmark

Kirsten Kjærs Museum is a private museum in northwestern Jutland. It is built around a large collection of paintings and drawings by Kirsten Kjær (1893-1985). The museum, so far the only Danish art museum for a female artist, has about 10,000 guests on an annual basis.

The current building stock is the result of 40 years of “budding”. The originally modest smallholding has today developed into a labyrinthine body with an associated exhibition space, where changing exhibitions are arranged with invited artists, established as well as upcoming. The surrounding nature is part of what Kirsten Kjærs Museum can offer its guests.

In 2010, a concert hall with space for 150 people was inaugurated. The hall is decorated with wooden floors, which also makes it very suitable for performance and dance-choreographic projects.

Artists from around the world can apply for work placements in graphics, ceramics, painting, and sculpture, with literary and musical projects, as well as for auditory recordings in the concert hall. During the stay, you live in one of the seven rooms in the guest house with a shared kitchen and living room.

Since 2020, RÅ RO has been located at the neighboring property. Also, a former smallholding, which once more has become a habitat for co-creation with the permaculture garden, horses, pigs, sheep, and chickens. This is in the spirit of Harald and John, the founders of KKM, who wanted to create a monastery-style art collective and cherished the indigenous farmer culture. Their mottos were ‘Love and Hardwork’ and ‘be yourself.

RÅ RO ^ Raw Peace ^ (Lise Hovesen) facilitates connections, earth-care, and self-care in the landscape of Thy in Northern Denmark. Contemporary Art and Culture meets Wellness-wellbeing / Healthcare / Therapeutic practices. Personal development in nature. The modern human is connected with ancestral wisdom.

Let yourself be guided by the shepherd through the raw wild landscape of Western Denmark.

Spend a day in presence with the sheep or collecting wild food on coast or heath.

The concept is very minimalistic: we go back to basics, participate in one of the oldest professions on earth.

We connect with nature, land in ourselves, and connect with each other and the animals.

If we can do just this and integrate it into our daily lives and work places, can we make a small step to live more sustainably and in harmony with earth?

RÅ RO and KKM are currently collaborating on conservation grazing around a Sculpture Park, the development of a new artist residency program in Shepherds Wagons located in the extensive grounds, and seminars in conjunction with Invisible Drum.