Tribute Earth

Tribute Earth is a 501c3 nonprofit transmedia platform based in Miami, Florida, USA. We provide access to ancestral wisdom and biocultural regenerative projects for the wholeness of our present and future generations. Our work and sharings are deeply rooted in direct experience, collaborations based on a real and present relationship, and true passion. We also walk, alongside our audience, in this same journey, living this way of life, in alignment with the values we put forth.

We reconnect with the feeling that everything and everyone is one interdependently, that we come from the same origin connected through biodiversity. We use the latest advances in technology and interweave it with the wisdom rooted in our origins to foster an Ancestral New Science. We re-establish our relationship with Mother Earth by returning and tuning with the deepest of the unified field that contains us. We believe that art has the ability to move the Spirit, transcending rationality to feel the spiritual hidden behind the appearance of the sense. Web: