Tribute Earth

Tribute Earth is a 501c3 nonprofit transmedia platform based in Miami, Florida, USA. We provide access to ancestral wisdom and biocultural regenerative projects for the wholeness of our present and future generations. Our work and sharings are deeply rooted in direct experience, collaborations based on a real and present relationship, and true passion. We also walk, alongside our audience, in this same journey, living this way of life, in alignment with the values we put forth.

We reconnect with the feeling that everything and everyone is one interdependently, that we come from the same origin connected through biodiversity. We use the latest advances in technology and interweave it with the wisdom rooted in our origins to foster an Ancestral New Science. We re-establish our relationship with Mother Earth by returning and tuning with the deepest of the unified field that contains us. We believe that art has the ability to move the Spirit, transcending rationality to feel the spiritual hidden behind the appearance of the sense. Web:

RÅ RO ^ Raw Peace ^

RÅ RO ^ Raw Peace ^

Founded by Lise Hovesen 2020, facilitates connections, earth – care and self-care in the landscape of Thy in Northern Denmark. Contemporary Art and Culture meets Wellness-wellbeing / Healthcare / Therapeutic practices. Personal development in nature. The modern human is connected with ancestral wisdom.

Let yourself be guided by the shepherd through the raw wild landscape of Western Denmark.
Spend a day in presence with the sheep or collecting wild food on coast or heath.
The concept is very minimalistic: we go back to basics, participate in one of the oldest professions on earth.
We connect with nature, land in ourselves, and connect with each other and the animals.
If we can do just this and integrate it into our daily lives and workplaces, can we make a small step to live more sustainably and in harmony with earth?

RÅ RO and Kirsten Kjærs Museum are currently collaborating on conservation grazing around a Sculpture Park, the development of a new artist residency program in Shepherds Wagons located in the extensive grounds, and seminars in conjunction with Invisible Drum.

Since 2020, RÅ RO has been located at the neighboring property. Also a former smallholding, which once more has become a habitat for co-creation with the permaculture garden, horses, pigs, sheep, and chickens. This is in the spirit of Harald and John, the founders of KKM, who wanted to create a monastery-style art collective and cherished the indigenous farmer culture. Their mottos were ‘Love and Hard work and ‘be yourself.