Step into the Circle – Course in shamanic healing by Amalia Fonfara at Trondheimtaijisenter, 9 months from 28th August. Shamanism is a life practice, an ancient craft that our ancestors also practised here in the Nordic countries for thousands of years back in time and which today finds its way into our modern society. We are all part of the cosmos, the Earth, and all life here. When we connect to our spiritual roots and open ourselves up to work with this connection, we can create deep healing and transformation of our own, and the lives of others. We are entering a path where we have greater sensitivity and a deeper understanding of Mother Earth’s life. For 9 months this course will focus on aspects of shamanic healing through hands-on work in nature and in the circle. We will listen to and learn from our ancestors and help spirits and support each other’s journey in the circle.Trondheim, Norway

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Amalia Fonfara (Nanortalik, Greenland, 1985), works as a visual artist and shamanic practitioner based in Trondheim. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Art(2013) and a Master’s degree in Fine Art(2015), from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology. She has several years of training and education in therapeutic healing, and shamanic healing work. Amalia Fonfara works interdisciplinary within practices of embodied knowledge and the arts.Based within performance and new media her artistic work embarks on an ontological investigation of the crossings of inner and outer landscapes through introspection of animism and contemplative healing practices, where the essences of soul and materiality are entangled in a holistic comprehension of life. Her work is often socially engaged in local environments focusing on body, memory, architecture, and landscape.In 2018 Fonfara co-founded Invisibledrum Art Platform (NO) a platform investigating relationships and interconnections within technology, shamanism, and animistic systems in contemporary culture.#shamanicourses#amaliafonfara#healingjourney#nordicshamanism#invisibledrum#fullmooncapricorn