We have contributed to the beautiful publication on phytogram, a technique that uses the internal chemistry of plants for the creation of images on the photographic emulsion, edited by Karel Doing @phytography_ Printed by @londonbookarts , we are full of gratitude for the invitation, Nazarè Soares writes about the workshop in collaboration with @polar_film_lab and Kurant Visningsrom in Tromsø last May and the #witchtrailsproject

“We are grateful to phytography for capturing a closer expression of the plants we were researching and stabilising alliance with. Phytography enables a relationship to plants through aesthetic expression. The process makes possible an artistic praxis rooted in how vegetable allies are preserved in time through a landmark, a story, a chemical reaction, a thermodynamical event, a being, energy, an expression of life in the Arche (beginning). Photosynthesis is the energy of the sun captured by a plant, phytography functions on a photogenic level but also allows a transhistorical expression.” Nazaré Soares