( 2,2 ) Sonic Architecture of the Inner Space

Nazare Soares in collaboration with Amalia Fonfara & Øystein Kjørstad Fjeldbo

(2,2) 0 – Sonic Architecture of the Inner Space is a mixed media installation. The central piece is an interactive spatial sound composition in a completely black space, accompanied by a two-channel film installation and a durational performance, both located in a waiting room outside the sound composition.(2,2) 0 proposes a cinematic space where the visual external stimulus is removed. The interactive installation utilizes real-time rendered binaural sound systems. We have taken the structure of a (2,2) mode shamanic drum as our reference and built an invisible architecture which is experienced sonically inside a completely dark space through wireless headphones. The aural experience is limited to one person and each decides the duration of their visit. We have developed diagrams and  maps which depict a spatial sound composition made from qualities and motions of sound events. As the main methodology in the creative processes, we have applied ritualistic gestures, taking place in collective journeys with a shamanic drum.

Two drawings from visitors experiencing (2,2) 0-DORA at Kulturbunker Dora (2018) ©Invisibledrum

(2,2) 0 Sonic Architecture of the Inner Space  is conceptually formed as a sensing technological device, simulating an invisible drum. The experience avoids perpetuating optic-centric ways to relate to interactive art and virtual environments, working towards creating devices with full bodily and sensory experiences emersion through multiple levels of processing visceral information. The architecture of the interactive sound composition animates the space of the shamanic drum, where nodes and acoustic rooms are measured from vibrations on the drum skin and sonically translated into an invisible architecture.
The project present the use of ancient technology in relation to contemporary technology, knowledge and active imagination, within the field of creative arts. The research provides documentation of visitors’ experience of the artwork through drawings and notes from a book journey


( 2,2 ) 0 first diagram; a graphic spatial visualization of a composition of sonic qualities and movements of an invisible architecture.. ©Invisibledrum