Following sONgLineS DowSerS Issue 1 Podcast: Shadow work, we are hosting, the Workshop: Shadow Work by Veronica Mota.

Workshop: Shadow WorkDate: Saturday, 27th. 2021Time: 13:00 to 15:00 (CET) Format: Online Course via Zoom

We are passing through a strong shift where we are all forced to go within and dance or die with our shadows.
Only the ones able to adapt and see the light in the dark tunnel will be able to reclaim their lives back. The pandemic situation is an opportunity to go within, to create community, to acknowledge destructive patterns and, to change and shift our potential for better futures. The Full Moon in Virgo can be very calculative and judgmental of personal feelings and emotions. The inner consciousness seeks the reasoning behind feelings instead of accepting them as natural responses. In this workshop, we will get the basic skills to start integrating our human shadows and begin alchemical processes of resistance.
Following the work of Carl Gustav Jung, Toltec Shamanism, Buddhism, Stoicism, and the Chinese school of Tao and Chikung, the mentor will help you to de-constructed and vivisect yourself in order to create a more integrated Being resisting a controlling & expansive
Matrix and its networks of power, exclusion & oppression. We will rescue old traditions of knowledge known for their effective ways of liberation. The mentor uses all this intercontinental knowledge as a contemporary & syncretic practice of mind-hacking and re-Programmation mostly in urban contexts where people need the most to be unplugged. After the workshop, all participants will have a map to work on their ways and interpretation for their recovery, better life, and freedom.

We will work on the following levels:1. Ancestros & Family Tree
2. Biographical timeline
3. Character Defects & Talents
4. Mind-Hacking and de-Programmation
5. Routines as daily practices of resistance materials needed: Paper to write
Pen and colors
Yoga Mat
HeadphonesPOCs and LGTBQ+ are very welcome!

About the Mentor: Verónica Mota Galindo is a writer, sound artist, musician, body art performer, activist, and teacher based in Berlin. After doing Philosophy studies in Mexico City, she/they worked as a journalist and radio producer in Mexico, the US, and Germany focusing on socio-political, Gender & cultural themes. Currently, she/they work as part of the AHACk: Sarah Connor Has a Dream zine collective which publishes their/her written text on technology, transhumanism, cyberpunk, feminism & Capitalist Realism. She operates also under the name Espectra Negra in the dark ambient, ritualistic, techno, and post-industrial music scene Berlin’s. As activists, she/they work mainly spreading technological, critical, and political content online as well as giving community-based workshops on music production, collective healing, and Techno-shamanism.

To listen to the Podcast please follow this link:

PRICE: Participants are welcome to pay a fee between 20 to 50 € per person depending on their financial access.
The mentor gives two free spots for people in a vulnerable financial situation who want and feel ready to start a new journey. Payment will be done as a PayPal transfer at least one hour before the workshop starts.
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For other payment options please send email to invisibledrum@gmail.comRegistration:…/tZcpcOupqDsrE9Lxl-Rl…