Join us on a creative workshop this Saturday 25th of April on zoom. We will make walking-sticks together during this time and listen to knowledge sharing. 18-20 (GMT+2) Go and find your stick! and the accessories for it. This stick will symbolise that intention you will walk on with.
More info with zoom details follow the link – please come with your intention.

A wand is a symbol of authority, support, pilgrim, action, magic wand, weapon, defense, etc. In all cultures, the stick-wand has been an important symbol. We use these sticks to symbolise peace and freedom and the opportunity to move freely through the landscape.

What to do?

You might want to prepare this some days before or in good time: Get yourself a stick out of wood, bring the elements you would like to add to it.
Tradition says the stick should be as high as your mouth. But you have to feel it yourself. The stick should be solid and support you on many walks. It should not be very heavy to carry.
You will make the stick in your space during the 2 hours of the zoom circle.
(If you don’t finish it, that is ok)

Times: 18-20.00 (GMT+2) Oslo, Norway
zoom, link to the meeting: (coming)

audio-visual program on zoom:
– brief intro on the workshop (Jessie Jack Ullevålseter)
– introductory meditation Nina Alida Nordbø (NO)
– Gnosticism and  Hermeticism, Gabinete de Psicoterapia Gnostica (ME)
– the sticks and the Tarot, Jessie Jack Ullevålseter (NO)
– performance, Margarita Colacci (ARG)
– sound journey, Gershan Lombard (SA) end meditation
– blessings of the sticks (everyone, circle- talking stick)

There will be short space between the speakers for sharing and comments.

This stick symbolise our active desire to come together.
– we imagine that each individual transfer their unique power/intention/prayer to the walking stick during our common meditation.
The walking stick is meant to harness knowledge from the landscape as we move through it: an offline technology.
– let’s co-create the demands for a healthier, more just and harmonious world for all people- through our movement in the land.

The sticks have previously been used in performances in Sagene Kirke and the Climate festival 112- when you make the stick, you are also welcomed to join the performances that will come.
see video here:
art made by Jessie Jack Ullevålseter

how is this linked to Jai Jagat?
Jai Jagat Norway is a branch within Jai Jagat 2020, a global peace movement that invites grass-root organiSations to come together and march to Geneva and co-create justice by the multiple voices gathered.
Norway’s voice in the global peace march Jai Jagat is a clear voice for nature’s own rights.

In nature’s room, we find common ground. It is a human right to be off-line and to come together – Peace is harmony.
Harmony is health.