We are feeling really grateful to be able to share with you about a very special and unique course, Plants As a Path to Inner Alchemy program, which Weaving-Wisdom  has been curating and crafting for the passed 2 years. Weaving Wisdom is a wisdom Library and an online educational platform and , focused on supporting wisdom keepers & weavers from all walks of life.

Please read below course description from Weaving Wisdom:

Can you recognize the imbalances in your physical and energetic body? Would you like to take back the responsibility of your wellbeing? “PLANTS AS A PATH TO INNER ALCHEMY ” is a holistic program designed for you to learn how to work with plants and food as a preventive and curative medicine. The plant kingdom holds the memory of how to live in harmony on this earth- how to bring nourishment, order and well-being to our physical and energetic bodies. Learn how to relate with your LARGE & SMALL INTESTINE, LIVER, KIDNEYS AND URINARY TRACKS, LUNGS & BLOOD. During our program we will put into practice different knowledge and ancient wisdom that will transform your life and your relation with existence and nature. Guided by Silvana Soledad and accompanied by Sofia.

I want to invite you to watch this video from our dear sister Silvana Landi our wisdom weaver and keeper (teacher) of this program, produced in collaboration with Silvana Landi.


I highly recommend you register now so you can be part of this potent 9 month immersion where we will remember how to receive assistance from our dear plant kingdom to cleanse and rebalance our Energetic, Mental, Emotional, and Physical bodies. https://www.weaving-wisdom.com/alquimiainterna-inneralchemy

Program begins on March 23rd, 2023 at 8pm EST  / 5pm PST / 7pm CST.

We have limited capacity to join, this journey is one of a kind and it will serve you in regaining sovereignty of your well being while being a wholesome cell in the great organizm of our Mother Earth.

It’s taking the work with medicine plants to a whole new level where we incorporate this way as an everyday relationship with nature.

Join our chat to be part of our plant community and to find out more details.

Let us be one with nature.


By enrolling in the program you will receive: * Access to the live zoom sessions & pre-recorded material. * Access to all the pdf materials * Presentations with valuable information * Access to specialized bibliography * A private session with Silvana. (Online therapy) * Participation in the private WhatsApp support group. (It will be active during the program and one extra month to support the integration process) * A certificate of your participation (By the end of the program) * A personal profile at the weaving-wisdom.com platform

PROGRAM MODALITY: Bilingual / Online platform Live Sessions Pre-recorded material WhatsApp group WHO IS IT FOR? For those who would love to learn more about herbalism and the nature cycles. Perfect for people who desire a better life quality. For the people who are struggling with their wellbeing. For holistic therapists and masters of ceremony. People interested in ancestral alchemy. For those who would like to know their bodies on a holistic level.

WHEN: From March 23rd, 202r DURATION: 2 hour live sessions 2 sessions for month 9 months

Every 2 weeks 20+ hours of prerecorded material CONTRIBUTION / PRICE:

https://www.weaving-wisdom.com/offers/fWoSVP2D/ $444 USD per month (9 months)

https://www.weaving-wisdom.com/offers/pSeQ9r64 $3600 USD Unique payment.

https://www.weaving-wisdom.com/offers/3ZLeKdxw Si estas en Latinoamérica contactanos para mas detalles. LINKS:

More information https://www.weaving-wisdom.com/alquimiainterna-inneralchemy

Contact us: By Wp https://wa.me/message/HVROKU4S6ERQA1

By Email: weavingwisdom2@gmail.com