The last sun of the year is gradually fading away while we prepare for midwinter and the return of the new sun. We light our candles in gratitude for all received from the 8 sun through this year. Following our star maps we find direction towards new paths of clusters, collaborations and co-creations.

This year we´ve been taught how to let go and surrender to the forces, the threads of a divine major cosmic plan. Lessons about accountability, and deep listening to the voices that whistle deeply from out of audible range, the voices that establish and influence the collective driving to move forward. We are tuning in! Finally contemporary art is facilitating spaces for magical thinking, recognizing the sacred in every breath, drop of water, spark, alkaloid and grain of sand. We celebrate the beauty of day and night ,the formation and melting of the ice, the moon and the sun , the seeding and the harvesting, the communion of good and bad, the five elements. More than anything we keep our hearts in joy and celebration of sacred passages, we prepare our offerings,  hold space for love to receive the blessings of the cosmic dance and natural cycles.

Invisibledrum invites you to stop for a moment as the sun does from the 21st to the 24th, place a new year’s intention in harmony with the new moon,  to reclaim the luni-solar calendar systems and with ease tune into the cosmic metrics. 

Merry Yule and Mōdraniht!


Beehive Cluster. Lacerta Newton Teleskop, Fried Lauterbach. Wikipedia commons