Sisterhood by Anette Aurell

We are looking for a Project Manager/Assistant Curator to join the Invisibledrum team!


  • Assists Invisibledrum team in executing the ongoing projects and providing primary support in production, coordination, planning, and execution
  • Monitors and maintains budgets
  • Researches write, and copy-edits texts; obtains images and copyright permissions for use in publications and communication materials
  • Coordinates temporary project helpers, interns, and other freelance employees
  • Works together with other members of the team to assist with PR and database-related communications, organisation, and scheduling
  • Carries out supportive research

Please send a CV and a letter of motivation to 

Invisibledrum is an international and transdisciplinary research platform investigating neo-animistic practices and spiritual technologies within the field of arts and new ecologies.  The platform consists of artists and researchers within transdisciplinary fields of knowledge, encompassing amongst others the sound and performance arts, creative ecologies, art & technology, embodied cognition, healing practices, phycology, anthropology, speculative design, herbology, and ethnobotany. From ecofeminism, new ecologies, quantic/gentle activism, and neo animistic perspectives we question how art can bridge the distinctions between culture and nature.

About us: