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The 2nd Symposium on Spiritual Technologies explores the history of witchcraft in Norway and Europe and the capitalization of health in the Middle Ages as well as its repercussions today. The symposium is curated by Invisibledrum Art Platform, an artistic research collective investigating holistic practices and spiritual technologies within the field of arts and new ecologies, founded by Amalia Fonfara and Nazare Soares . All events are organized with Invisibledrum Art Platform in collaboration with Kunsthall Trondheim and the Norwegian Historical Association (HIFO).Supported by Trondheim Municipality, Trøndelag county council and Nordic Culture Fund.

We are in deep gratitude to ethnobotanists, researchers, and artists those contributing to this year’s gathering: Torbjørn Alm, Silvia Federici, Steffi Hessler, Diana Policarpo, Linda Fjølstad, Mari Jerstad, Amalia Fonfara, Marita Isobel Solberg, Júlia Carreras, Nazare Soares, Aleksander K. Smakosz, Jessie Jack Ullevålseter. 

NOTE: The symposium is a hybrid event. Hoopla ticket registration is only for physical attendance at Kunsthall Trondheim Online registration is possible in the link below.

Online registration link:…/reg…/WN_-ghULZrxRNidsDTPy-NVHA

List of Programs:

Symposium Program: #1 (NOT ONLINE) Summoning the 8-pointed Star:

Symposium Program #2 (ONLINE)Claviceps Purpurea: Sacred Fungus:

Symposium Program #3 (ONLINE)Neo-Pharmacopoeia & The Magical Body:

Symposium Program #4 (ONLINE)Artist-curator Conversation and Book Launch with Diana Policarpo and Stefanie Hessler: Fungi, Witches, and Sexual Health Justice. With an introduction by Guilherme Blanc :

Symposium Program #5 (NOT ONLINE) Witchcraft in Trondheim – Historical Walk:

Symposium Program #6 (NOT ONLINE)Plant Ceremony:

Full Program