We are very happy to announce that after a year of planning we have received financial support from Norske Billedkunstnere and Kulturrådet to develop the Norwegian collaboration of The Witch Trails Project.

The project Propose an artistic discourse to the new paradigm emerging in 2020, related to our reciprocal communication with nature and relationship to medicine, it reactivates the essential learning of plants and folk medicine in the contemporary social-health crisis, relearning about the power of plants and introducing it in urban contexts through artistic work.

The project is inspired by pharmacopoeia methods for rethinking, re-imagining, and re-activating the folklore and the historical archives from 17th-century witch trials in North Norway. Artist involved are Amalia Fonfara , Marita Isobel Solberg, Jessie Jack Ullevålseter & Nazare Soares

The project is affiliated with Invisibledrum Art Platform and will develop a series of exhibitions and performances in 2021; at Steilneset Memorial , Varanger museum , and Kurant Visningsrom in north Norway.

The research explores people’s relationship to medicine, ecologies, popular storytelling, and poetics, suggesting the interaction between human beings, animals, and vegetation in their environment, including medicinal uses.

We think is important today to bring this historical event back for us to rethink the pandemic, – the medical industry, but also to reclaim the knowledge and connection to our own botanical landscape. The land we live on is part of our own body, but it is a matter of connecting to the knowledge that is already within us and part of our heritage. We approach nature as an intrinsically living archive and bearer of memory.

The Iberian peninsula collaboration is under development, please check our website for future updates. https://invisibledrum.com/the-witch-trails-project/