I am Half Sick of Shadows Cinematic Ceremony by Nazaré Soares. Norwegian Tour 2020

A Dirge for Ruins Cities in the voice of Earth

A cinematic ceremony composed of four acts based on Edgar Allan Poe’s poem The Bells. The poetic gesture functions as a performed amulet for protection fine-tunes perceptions of Earth and humankind’s disjointed and entangled processes. The film score is made by creating translations of marks found on used shooting targets. 

Still from film Act 1 Prelude – I am Half Sick of Shadows

I am Half Sick of Shadows is an immersive, cinema-based experience by artist, Nazare Soares. Inspired by Edgar Allan Poe’s poem The Bells, the event is composed of four acts; silver, golden, bronze, and iron. The poetic nature of the work explores and plays with perceptions of Earth, as well as the disconnected yet intertwined nature of human activities. An audio-visual composition is made by creating translations of marks found on used shooting targets. Traces of bullet impacts have been interpreted as pitch, timing, surround placement, sound qualities, and gestures. This data has then been used to create the film scores using different composition techniques and accordingly they mark rhythms within the film. The vibrations from a tuning fork in the performance is mirroring the bullet impacts onto a body, as musical tones and sound frequencies are related to the seven tantric chakras.

Director & performer: Nazaré Soares
Main Composer & performer: Andreas Elvenes
Live Processing & performer: Linnea Jansson
Cello & performer: Nina Günther
Second composer: Ada Mathea Hoel
Design: Maria Eva Russo
Curator: Sarah Schipschack


Kunstnernes Hus Kino, Oslo. 22.11.2020

Bergen Cinemateket. 24.11.2020

Kurant,Verdensteatret. Tromsø. 27.11.2020