Welcome to We Are Water We Are One this weekend! The program for today is just released! The Art & New Ecologies Panel curated by Invisibledrum Art Platform will be today 26th at 18 h ( GMT+2 ) 12 h ( EST). We are endlessly grateful to Tribute Earth for weaving this meaningful collective prayer and invite us to be part of it on a global scale. Water serves as a bridge, as a source of life and the ancestral memory is contained, everything can live, an element everyone needs to survive, Water as a bridge for past, present and future unify into oneness memory. A nature spirit dancing in the midst of a waterfall, the ability to perceive the hidden and creative spirit of natural phenomenon.
In the following works, we found exercises of mediation messages of the water. Water embodies the historical as it lies in the deepest subaquatic spaces. The importance of nurturing the water and creating an equal given take relationship through gestures and singing, as water responds to the singing calls of the human heart once it is in harmony, therefore, interconnected to the environment.

Artist participating and panelists are: Susanne M. Winterling, Emma Critchley, Leonel Vasquez, Tal (Tara) Eshed, Jessie Jack Ullevålseter, Nazare Soares, Arnau Gifreu and music performance by FreeMan LoTS (Lover of the Sun).