On Monday 20 July at 21.00 I, Jessica Ullevålseter, will hold a small performance in my garden. The performance will be recorded for an event called “We Are Water We are One” in Collaboration with Invisibledrum Art platform and Tribute Earth (wisdom keepers, Florida)

Performance is called: FRIEND, WATER.

I invite you to new moon intention directed towards the water and purification of the water in us and the planet’s water.
I create the installation/performance and a nice time in the garden.
You can arrive at 20:00 at
P A munchsvei 2 a , Oslo. Norway

Om We are water we are one
seeks to focus on the water: (https://www.facebook.com/events/391327801762116/)

-the uncompromising protection and restoration of all
Restoration of the planetary water cycle
Guaranteed, free access for all people and animals
to natural, polluted water
Full responsibility for our impact on water