Nordic Symposium on Spiritual Technologies within Creative Practices

4th-6th February 2020, Trondheim 

Heinrich Khunrath, Amphitheatrum sapientiae aeternae. Hanau, 1609

Organized and curated by Invisibledrum Art Platform

Produced by Rosendal Theater.

The 4-6th. February, Rosendal Theater hosts the first Nordic gathering for Invisibledrum Art association. The symposium will discuss how spiritual technologies relate to and influence the work of artists, researchers, and practitioners of artistic and embodied practices. The focus ranges from holistic practices of Western esotericism, digital paganism, ancient Nordic traditions, and various unique practices today.

The symposium aims to exchange knowledge and reflect critically in order to expand the professional field. Further, the gathering seeks to showcase what is happening within spiritual technologies today, but also to create arenas for non-hierarchical meetings between participants – regardless of background, education, and nationality, where one gathers shared interest in ecology, holistic thinking, and creative practices.