Artists & Researchers

Øystein Kjørstad Fjeldbo (Norway), sound artist and musician based in Trondheim, Norway. He has a master’s degree in music technology from the music department at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (2017), specializing in virtual sonic environments through motion tracking and realtime binaural spatialization. His main focus lies in examining the properties in what’s considered artificial and organic, searching for an android expression. Musically he is part of the multimedia group Future Daughter, involved in Trondheim’s club scene as a DJ, and also one of the initiators behind Lysthus – a concept aiming to merge the club with the art gallery. He is a founding member of the Lydi collective, working with interactive design for audiovisual exhibitions.

Visualization of tracking data from a opening space shamanic ceremony. Øystein Kjørstad Fjeldbo collecting aural energy at fieldwork for (2,2) 0 DORA

Noriko Okaku ( Japan ) completed BA Fine art media at Chelsea College of Art and Design, MA Animation at Royal Collage of Art. Her practice incorporates with not only Animation but also Audio Visual Performance, installation and everyday products. Her work focuses on the conversation that can be engendered in a relationship between ‘objects and observer’. It is to examine how we, as human, can enrich the comprehension of self and others. Web:

“My work explores the question of who we are by accompanying key elements, such as subconscious, memory, imagination and personal narrative.”

The Interpreter (2015) . Performance / Mixed Media /Video Installation

Maria Eva Russo (Argentina) is a textile artist and designer-maker with a background in sustainable textiles and broad experience in set and costume design for theatre. She worked as a research assistant for the B.R.I.D.G.E project at University of Brighton studying the use of local textile resources in circular economy. Her most recent work was alongside Argentinean artist Claudia Fontes at the Venice biennale in 2017 and at the 2018 Art Biennale in São Paulo. Web:

Textile work by Maria Eva Russo. Flag for Cinematic Ceremony ‘I am Half Sick of Shadows’. Maria Eva Russo welcoming guests to the Ceremony

Gabriel Santamarina (Mexico City ) Writer, filmmaker, psychotherapist. Studied Communication Science at the UNAM-Mexico City. After directing a series of documentaries on Japanese shamanism ( 2008 -2016), and writing the book “Kamidaari”, about the shamanic practices in three different regions in Japan, he turned the direction of his work towards the research and practice of Dr. Zivorad M. Slavinski’s methods of Spiritual Technology, focusing on the integration of Gnostic and Hermetic philosophy into psychotherapy. Web:

A series of digitally intervened photographs entitled “TRANSPERSONALIZATION” by Gabriel Santamarina, a reflection on the notion of individuality and the idea of private and public in Japanese culture.