Invisibledrum is an international and transdisciplinary research platform that investigates holistic practices and spiritual technologies within the field of arts and ecologies. The platform consists of artists and researchers that focus on animistic studies within transdisciplinary fields of knowledge, encompassing amongst other practices from the arts, creative ecologies, technology, embodied cognition, healing practices, speculative design, and psychology.

. Invisibledrum aims for opening pathworks where knowledge production within contemporary art is manifested aside of traditional postcolonial school of thought, where an understanding of knowledge production is mainly based on the influence of orthodox rationalist thinking. Invisibledrum supports and creates dialogues based on fieldwork methods where body, technology, (in)visible architecture, site, and landscape are interrelationated and in constant becoming interactivity.

Invisibledrum takes the format of happenings, poetic gestures, symposium and gatherings with a focus on non-hierarchical structures as a potential ‘nonplace’ for collaboration and co-creation. A platform that aims to contribute and exchange knowledge and methodologies through art events, symposiums, writings and workshops.

We approach languages found in feminist practices, to create strategies for decolonization of cognitive and somatic sensory systems, active imagination and perception. An important area of our interest and research lies in the roles and functions of technology within ancient holistic thinking. How and what kinds of technologies were used in practices of ritual, healing and purification, as of shamanism and other animistic practices? How through fiction, embodied cognition and performative practices can these technologies be accessed and viewed today, in a highly digitalized society?

Invisibledrum approaches to correlations between art, technology and sensual experience via animistic system of communication.

On a geo-political and environmental scale we are all concerned with the horror and devastation caused by imperialistic and nationalistic structures in our societies. These political structures are creating major threats towards knowledge practices and cultures coming out of a living bodily relationship with the land, cosmos, and an interconnections with Mother Earth and her multitude of species. We feel it is important to debate this within an artistic framework to build up a network of partnerships, alliances and collaborations,  creating alternative ways of coexisting and bringing balance to our communities, where we can discuss and envision a different reality for the whole of Mother Earth.

Established in 2018 in city of Trondheim, Norway. Co-founded by Amalia Fonfara & Nazare Soares.

Closing ceremony ( 2,2 ) 0 by Amalia Fonfara & Nazare Soares at ArtScience Museum of Singapore. June of 2017. ©Invisibledrum