1st International Symposium on Spiritual Technologies within Creative Practices 

3th-6th February 2020, Trondheim 

Heinrich Khunrath, Amphitheatrum sapientiae aeternae. Hanau, 1609

Organized and curated by Invisibledrum Art Platform

Produced by Rosendal Theater.

On the 3-6th of February 2020 Invisibledrum Art Platform in co-production with Rosendal Theater in Trondheim will host the first nordic and international gathering of the platform: 1.st International Symposium of Spiritual Technologies within Creative Practices. The topic of the symposium brings together artists, researchers and other practitioners working with embodied practices, to discuss how the notion of spiritual technologies relate to and inform their work and research. And, how they expand the ways we value creative effort, in a contemporary environmental and socio-political context. 

The symposium will consist of presentations, talks, performances and workshops form 28 nordic and international artists and researchers. It is hosted and co-produced by Rosendal Theater in Trondheim and will last for 4 days, where on the 6th, the Sami National day, will be a focus on sami artists, researchers and activists. The symposium will be open to the public with presentations and workshops in the daytime, and with stage performances in the evening.

An important element in the proceedings of this symposium is to discuss with partners and interested collaborators, how we can continue building and strengthening this network further. 

Our aim with creating the platform Invisibledrum is to build up a network of nordic and international partners with a focus on holistic practices and creative ecologies, where artists and professionals can exchange knowledge and reflect critically within the professional field.